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Probate – Flow Chart

Initial meeting when as best idea as possible of the size and nature of the estate can be provided.

Any assistance or advice regarding the funeral will be provided.

We will go through the deceased papers and prepare a provisional schedule of assets and liabilities.

We will write to the various financial institutions to request valuations at the date of death and establish full extent of the estate and any liabilities of the estate.

We will prepare the Inheritance tax return and Oath for Executors

We will meet with you to arrange for the Oath to be sworn and authorities for release of the assets to be signed for the purposes of collecting in the estate.

We will apply for the grant of probate and if necessary arrange for the first instalment of inheritance tax to be paid.

We will advise on the need to advertise for debtors

We will collect in the estate and arrange for the transfer or sale of assets. If the estate consists of residential property we will be happy to act in the sale of property or properties.

We will arrange payment of any outstanding liabilities, the legacies and make interim distributions of the residuary estate if necessary

We will prepare final estate accounts to be approved by you and if instructed copied to the residuary beneficiaries and upon approval make the final distributions to the residuary beneficiaries

We will obtain closure letters from HMRC in connection with inheritance tax, capital gains tax and income tax and write to you to confirm that the administration has been completed.