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Below is a brief summary of our main services. For more information on these click on the links to the left.


Whatever your age you should make a Will. If you die without making a Will your estate is administered according to the laws of intestacy (that is dying without a Will). This directs your estate to relatives. If you are living with a partner and you are not married (or cannot marry), he or she will not take any benefit after your death unless you make a Will.

We can draw up your Will quickly either by meeting you in person at home (in or near South West London) or at our offices, or by post or e-mail. Find out more about our service here.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

If you or a family member or close friend need help managing property and financial affairs or personal welfare then it is very useful, particularly when dealing with financial institutions or property, to be able to appoint a loved one or close friend as Attorney who can make and act on decisions for you. Find out more about our service here.

Probate and Estate Administration Service

After someone’s death their assets have to be collected in and distributed according to their Will, and any tax payable by reason of the death paid.

In most cases this work is done by solicitors, who ascertain the size of the Estate, then apply to Court for what is known as a Grant of Probate, where the deceased’s Will is submitted to Court for the Will to be held valid and for someone to be invested with legal power to deal with the deceased’s assets.

If someone dies without a Will the procedure is similar save that one applies to Court for a document known as Letters of Administration and of course one then has to distribute the Estate according to law and not according to a Will. Find out more about our service here.

Residential Conveyancing

We handle all types of residential conveyancing, be it freehold or leasehold. You will find us friendly and willing to guide you through the transaction with as little stress as possible. Find out more about our service here.

Freehold Enfranchisement

If you would like to have control of the management of the building in which your flat is located you can purchase the freehold collectively with the other leaseholders. Find out more about our service here.

Lease Extension

If you own a leasehold flat and the term of your lease is approaching 80 years or less then in most cases it is advisable to extend the term of your lease if you can. Find out more about our service here.

Other Services

In addition to what you can find on this website we advise on general Property Law such as granting leases, remortgaging, transferring legal title of property and setting up trusts behind legal title

Our Client Care

What you can expect from us:

  • When you contact us we will explain clearly the steps in the process
  • We will tell you what the costs will be
  • We will keep you informed of progress

We will:

  • Treat you fairly
  • Be polite and professional
  • Respond promptly to your enquiries

Free 20 Minutes Consultation

In many cases we see the problems caused when clients take steps without taking legal advice first.

Examples could be:

  • Putting money into a property without a clear agreement
  • Dealing with the administration of an estate personally
  • Home made Wills
  • Transferring property or making investments ‘to save tax’
  • Relying on the other party’s (for example the Landlord) solicitors to prepare paperwork without getting it checked by your own solicitor

If you are not sure of the action  to take, or indeed you wonder whether you need a solicitor at all, then come and see us for an initial free 20 minutes consultation. We will analyse your case, recommend the steps that should be taken and how much it may cost. We also set out our terms of business which gives our commitment to you and the standards of service you may expect.