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Lease Extension – Flow Chart

Check you qualify – you will need to have owned a long lease of your flat for 2 years
Serve notice on landlord of your right to extend your lease stating your offer price and allowing at least 2 months for a response
Landlord may serve notices requiring within 21 days (i) deposit of the greater of 10% of price proposed by tenant or £250 (ii) proof of your legal title to the flat (iii) access to the flat for valuation purposes
Landlord serves counter-notice on you stating acceptable price
No counter-notice served – Tenant applies to county court for vesting order within 6 months and lease is granted at price Tenant offered
Negotiations commence, usually between surveyors – if no agreement from 2 months after service of counter-notice then before 6 months expire refer to Leasehold Valuation Tribunal for them to decide price
Once price and all terms of lease extension are agreed complete lease extension – usually within two months of agreeing price.